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Get Your Mini-MVPs Ready With Tee Ball Practice Drills

Are you the proud coach of a group of mini-MVPs ready to take on the tee ball season? If so, you’re in the right place! Tee ball (also called T-ball) is an excellent introduction to baseball or softball for young players, and with the right practice drills, your team can dominate the diamond in no time. 

Here’s a roundup of some of the best drills to prepare your tee ballers for their big debut. From batting to running the bases, we’ve got you covered! Let’s get your mini-MVPs ready to hit it out of the park with these fun and effective tee ball practice drills.

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Get Them Swinging: Batting Drills

Ready to turn your little tee ballers into batting dynamos? Here are some fun and effective batting drills that will have them swinging for the fences in no time!

1. Tee Ball Golf

Set up a series of targets around the field, like cones or hula hoops, and have your players take turns hitting the ball towards them. The goal is to aim for different targets and earn points for each successful hit. It adds a fun, competitive twist to their batting practice.

2. Dance Party Hitters

Crank up the music and turn batting practice into a dance party! Encourage your players to groove and move their bodies while they swing the bat. It helps them loosen up, improves their coordination, and adds some entertainment value to the practice.

3. Switch Hitting Challenge

Have your tee ballers switch to their non-dominant hand and take turns hitting the ball. It may be a bit tricky at first, but it’s a fantastic way to develop their ambidexterity and strengthen both sides of their body.

4. Color-Coded Swing

Assign a different color to each part of the field (e.g., red for the left, blue for the center, and yellow for the right). Call out a color, and the batter has to hit the ball toward that designated area. It helps improve their ability to control the direction of their hits.

Remember, the key to successful tee ball batting drills is to keep it fun, engaging, and age-appropriate. Happy swinging!

Run Baby Run: Base Running Drills

​​So your mini-MVPs have mastered the art of swinging the bat and are ready to take on the bases? Well, buckle up because it’s time for some base running drills with them zooming around the diamond like lightning bolts!

1. The Crab Race

Have your tee ballers start at home plate and do the crab walk all the way to first base. It’s a hilarious sight to see and also helps improve their leg strength and coordination.

2. Dizzy Dash

Have your players stand on home plate, spin around ten times, and then sprint to first base. It’s like watching a group of adorable mini tornadoes on the field!

3. Obstacle Course Fun

Set up a mini obstacle course on the bases using cones or other props. Your mini-MVPs will have to jump over hurdles, zigzag through cones, and crawl under ropes as they make their way around the bases. It’s a great way to improve their agility and make base running more exciting.

4. Stop and Go

Have your players practice stopping at each base and then sprinting to the next one when you shout, “Go!” It helps them learn to react quickly and keeps them on their toes.

5. Freeze Tag Baseball

Play a game of freeze tag but with a baseball twist. When a player gets tagged, they have to freeze in place until a teammate tags them to unfreeze. It’s a fun way to work on base running skills while adding a playful element to the practice.

These base running drills will have your mini-MVPs running circles around the competition. So lace up those running shoes and get ready for some speedy fun!

Teamwork Time: Cooperative Exercises

Now that your mini-MVPs have mastered their batting and base running skills, it’s time to take their teamwork to the next level with some cooperative exercises. These drills not only improve their coordination and communication but also strengthen the bond among teammates. Get ready for some fun and laughter!

1. Human Knot

Have your tee ballers stand in a circle and reach out to hold hands with two different teammates. Then, challenge them to untangle themselves without letting go. It’s like solving a puzzle while being connected by the hands!

2. Three-Legged Relay Race

Pair up your players and have them tie their inside legs together with a bandana or a cloth. Then, set up a relay race where each pair has to run to a designated spot and back without breaking their bond. It’s a hilarious sight to see, requiring excellent teamwork to cross the finish line.

3. Group Juggling

Pass out a few balls to your mini-MVPs and challenge them to keep the balls in the air using only their hands. As they get the hang of it, introduce more balls into the mix. It requires quick reflexes, teamwork, and a whole lot of laughter.

4. Tower Building

Give each player a cup and a stack of plastic cups. The goal is for the team to build the tallest tower using only their cups. They’ll have to strategize, communicate, and work together to achieve the tallest structure.

These cooperative exercises are simple yet fantastic for building teamwork and communication among your mini-MVPs. They’ll not only improve their skills on the field but also develop lifelong friendships. Get ready for a season filled with camaraderie and triumphs!

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