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Knock it Out of the Park: Infield Drills for Youth Baseball Players

Welcome, Coach! As a coach of a youth baseball team, you know that the infield is a critical part of the game. It’s where most of the action happens, and a strong infield can make all the difference in a game. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your players are equipped with the right skills and techniques to dominate the field. 

Cyclone Ballparks shares some of the top baseball infield drills for youth players that will help them improve their fielding, throwing, and overall defensive skills. 

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Understanding the Importance of Infield Drills for Youth Baseball Players

Mastering the fundamentals of playing in the infield is crucial for the success of young baseball players. Infield drills help players develop the necessary skills to become standout infielders, from fielding grounders to making double plays like a pro. These drills not only improve defensive abilities but also enhance teamwork and efficiency on the field.

Ground Ball Drills: A Foundation of Successful Infielding

Mastering the skill of fielding ground balls is essential for any youth baseball player looking to excel in the infield. Ground ball drills provide the foundation for successful infielding by honing players’ reflexes, footwork, and hand-eye coordination. These drills help players develop the ability to read the ball off the bat, position themselves properly, and make quick and accurate throws to first base.

Rapid Fire Drill

In this drill, a coach or teammate stands a few feet away and rapidly rolls ground balls to the player. The player must react quickly, field the ball cleanly, and make a strong throw to first base. This drill helps improve the player’s reaction time, agility, and throwing accuracy under pressure.

Triangle Drill

In this drill, three players form a triangle, with one player acting as the fielder and the other two as baserunners. The coach hits ground balls to the fielder, who must field the ball and make a throw to one of the baserunners. This drill improves the player’s decision-making skills, as they must quickly assess which runner to throw to while maintaining good fielding technique.

Two Hands Drill

One of the keys to successful infielding is having soft hands and a quick transfer of the ball from glove to throwing hand. The “Two Hands Drill” helps players develop this skill by requiring them to field ground balls with two hands and focus on a quick transfer to their throwing hand. This drill enhances the player’s ability to make accurate throws after fielding the ball cleanly.

Double Play Drills to Improve Teamwork and Efficiency

Developing the ability to turn a double play is crucial for any infielder, and youth baseball players are no exception. Double-play drills not only improve individual skills but also foster teamwork and efficiency on the field. 

Four Corners Drill

In this drill, four players form a square, with one player at each corner. The coach hits ground balls to one player, who fields the ball and throws it to the next player in a clockwise rotation. The final player makes the throw to first base to complete the double play. This drill emphasizes communication and quick, accurate throws, as players must work together to execute the double play smoothly. 

Runners on Base Drill

In this drill, two baserunners stand on second and first base, and the coach hits a ground ball to the infielder. The infielder must field the ball, touch second base to force out the runner, and then make a throw to first base to complete the double play. This drill simulates game-like situations and helps players understand the importance of timing and coordination when turning double plays. 

Cutoff and Relay Drills to Sharpen Defensive Transitions

Cutoff and relay drills are essential for sharpening defensive transitions and improving communication on the field. These drills simulate game-like situations where players have to make quick decisions and execute precise throws to prevent runners from advancing. 

Three-Player Relay

In this drill, three players are positioned in a straight line, with the first player acting as the cutoff, the second player as the relay, and the third player as the catcher or baseman. The coach hits a ball to the outfield, and the first player cuts off the throw from the outfield and quickly relays it to the second player. The second player then makes a strong and accurate throw to the third player, who applies the tag or catches the ball at the base. This drill improves players’ throwing accuracy, communication, and timing in the cutoff and relay situations.

Rundown Drill

Another useful drill is the “Rundown Drill.” In this drill, two players start at first and third base, while another player acts as the runner. The coach hits a ball to the infield, and the runner attempts to steal the base. The players in the infield must execute a rundown, passing the ball back and forth between them so they can tag the runner out. This drill improves players’ ability to work together and execute precise throws during a rundown.

Special Tips and Suggestions for Effective Infield Training

When it comes to infield training, there are a few tips and suggestions that can make a big difference for your youth baseball players. 

  1. Make sure to emphasize the importance of proper technique and fundamentals. Encourage your players to focus on staying low, keeping their eye on the ball, and using both hands to field ground balls. It’s also crucial to remind them about the importance of footwork and positioning in order to make strong and accurate throws. 
  2. Incorporate variety into your drills. Mix up the types of ground balls, double plays, and cutoff and relay scenarios that your players practice so they can develop versatility and adaptability on the field. 
  3. Create a positive and supportive environment for your players. Encourage them to have fun celebrating their successes and learn from their mistakes. By fostering a fun and safe atmosphere, you’ll help your players thrive and grow their skills. Keep these tips in mind as you continue to train your young infielders, and you’ll see them shine on the field.

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