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What to Consider When Shopping for Slow-Pitch Softball Bats

The best slow-pitch softball bat will be different for every hitter. Ultimately, it comes down to the one that makes the batter most comfortable at the plate. Length and weight, weight distribution, construction, and certification are all important factors when shopping for a softball bat. 

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Softball Bat Material & Construction

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy bats are lightweight and nearly impossible to destroy. Aluminum bats may not have the high-end reaction that composite bats possess, but they remain viable because they perform optimally right out of the wrapper and hold their consistency. Aluminum bats are also the most cost-effective option available.


It’s going to take some time to break in, a few hundred hits or so to reach full potential, but composite bats are known for massive sweet spots and even bigger reactions off the bat. Composites get better with time as the carbon fibers tighten. 

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Construction

Metal bats are built in either one piece or two. The stiffness of one-piece bats suits power hitters who generate bat speed with their own strength. Two-piece bats can be constructed with one material or a combination, such as an aluminum handle and a composite barrel. These bats are flexible and well-suited for contact hitters who want more control.

Size and Weight of Slow-Pitch Softball Bats

Next, you’ll need to figure out your bat’s length, weight, and weight distribution. 


Nearly every slowpitch bat is a standardized length of 34 inches. There are some occasional variances, so it depends on how you want your bat to swing. Are you looking for reach or control? Greater length means greater reach, sacrificing control of the barrel along the way. Meanwhile, shorter bats are easier to control. 


Weight is determined entirely by player preference. Lighter bats (24-27 oz.) have greater control and bat speed, and heavier bats (27-30 oz.) create more power.

Weight Distribution

A balanced bat means the weight is spread evenly. These bats are versatile and can be used comfortably by nearly any player. End-loaded bats can be harder to control with most of their weight in the barrel and action like a snapping whip.

Bat Certifications & Regulations

Softball bats are regulated for safety and performance at different levels. You can find the certification logo near the barrel of most bats. The three most common certifications are USA Softball, ASA, and USSSA. Make sure to check the certification requirements for your league or tournament. There’s nothing more discouraging than spending a few hundred dollars on a bat only for it to be disallowed on opening night.

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Top 5 USA/ASA Slow-Pitch Softball Bats 2022

The top tier is for the softballer who does not have a conflict with a budget. The top 3 here will run north of $200. 

  1. Worth Krecher – Giant sweet spot, well balanced, and feels like a knife through warm butter. Just wait until this summer when these composites have settled in. 
  2. Monsta Torch – One of the favorites among serious softballers, the Torch series is reaching near-legendary status despite only being on the market for a few years.
  3. DeMarini Steel Single Wall – It’s one of DeMarini’s best sellers and offers excellent weight transfer. It’s an end-loaded hybrid with a composite handle and aluminum barrel giving it a ton of feel.

Our next is a favorite for less than $200 that can still do significant damage.

  1. Miken Freak Primo – A four-piece composite that offers maximum flexibility. Give it time to break in, and it will add pop to even the lightest of batters.

The final bat on our list is for hitters with an eye on their wallets. Number 5 is our best value bet, checking in at less than $100.

  1. Easton Rival – Surprising pop for the price, the Rival is all aluminum with one-piece construction and features an extended foot-long barrel. It’s ready right out of the wrapper.

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