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What Makes the Difference in Youth Baseball Cleats?

So much of baseball relies on balance, and a proper foundation is necessary to feel stable. Cleats help a player reach full speed and make sudden lateral movements, as well as provide grip in the rain. There are wide varieties and styles of youth baseball cleats. With the Little League season just around the corner, we discuss the differences. 

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Types of Youth Baseball Cleats

Molded Plastic Cleats

Durable, lightweight, and comfortable, molded plastic cleats are the most popular for youth baseball players. 

Metal Cleats

Not permitted in most youth leagues, metal cleats are favored by the pros. They are heavy, but they have the ultimate grip.

Turf Cleats

Most models feel and fit more like a sneaker than a cleat. They are at their best on fields with an artificial surface but can be used on natural fields with short, dry grass.

Baseball Cleat Styles

Low-cut cleats

These are cut below the ankle for movement and built for speedsters with no ankle support.

High-cut cleats

Sturdy for the most support and safety and little flexibility, high tops are for kids who like to run. 

Mid-cut cleats

With a bit of flexibility and a little support, the mid-cut cleat is popular for youth players.

Cleat Construction: Leather or Mesh

Again, it’s choosing between support and flexibility—cleat bodies with leather (or synthetic leather) and mesh. Leather varieties offer support and protection, while mesh lets the shoe bend and the foot breathe.  

How Should Youth Baseball Cleats Fit?

Youth baseball cleats should not be sized by forecasted foot growth. The shoe needs to fit correctly at first pitch. There shouldn’t be enough room for the foot to move around. Blisters, ingrown nails, and other injuries can occur from cleats with a poor fit.

How Much Should Youth Baseball Cleats Cost?

Top models can set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but there are plenty of quality cleats from reputable brands, like New Era, Nike, and Under Armour, for around or under $50.

They should fit well and give your child a solid foundation. But ultimately, the cleats should make your Little Leaguer feel good and confident.

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